Welcome to the UCSF Industry Contracts Division

The new Material/Data Transfer Agreement Form (MDTRF) is now available online! Click here for the MDTRF.


UCSF has a solid track record of productive partnerships with industry that lead to innovative therapies, materials and devices. There are many ways to work with industry, ranging from exchanging materials, becoming involved in joint scientific and clinical collaborations, to financial support of clinical trials and basic research.

Here are some details on ways to engage with an industry partner and how ICD can help get you started:

Industry Sponsored Research & Collaborations
Working with industry can either be funded research involving agreed upon UCSF research deliverables, or collaborative research where industry and UCSF investigators work together on joint research goals.

Industry Funded Clinical Trials
Whether you have developed a clinical protocol yourself (Investigator-initiated) or your protocol was designed by an industry sponsor (Sponsor-initiated), ICD can help you get your study started.

Confidentiality Agreements
Confidentiality agreements are used to protect non-public information and allows UCSF researchers and companies to discuss interesting new findings without compromising future patentability or ability to publish.

Material/Data Transfer Agreements
A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or Data Agreement is needed any time a UCSF investigator sends or receives materials, software, or data into or out of UCSF. ICD is here to help you with this process.

Visiting Scientist Agreements
Visiting Scientist Agreements are agreements between UCSF and companies that send representatives to UCSF to conduct research. The agreement is intended to prevent conflicting obligations for the visiting scientist, and to ensure that UCSF benefits from research using UCSF facilities and funds. 

consulting agreements

Consulting Agreements
A consulting agreement is an agreement between a faculty member and a company in which the consulting activities do not use any University resources, such as personnel, equipment, or space. Please note that University administration staff do not negotiate consulting terms on behalf of faculty and are not authorized to sign on behalf of UCSF or The Regents on consulting agreements between faculty and outside third parties. There should be no overlap between your research activities as an employee of UCSF and your personal consulting activities.

If you would like to request review of a proposed consulting agreement, please follow the instructions at https://medschool.ucsf.edu/our-people/academic-affairs/faculty-consulting-activities (Request for Review Form located at the bottom), or you may contact Karla Goodbody, at (415) 476-1978 or [email protected]. Due to limited staffing available for this type of review, we suggest submitting any request at least three weeks prior to the consulting activity.