Industry Funded Clinical Trials
ICD is there for you to help you set up your clinical trial

Whether you have developed a clinical protocol yourself (Investigator-initiated) or your protocol was designed by an industry sponsor (Sponsor-initiated), ICD can help you get your study started. ICD works with investigators and industry sponsors to negotiate the contracts and budgets for all clinical research studies funded by a private, for-profit entity.

For clinical research funded by a non-profit or government entity and also contact the Office of Sponsored Research.

Please contact us the moment you know you will be working with an industry sponsor.

Here is how you and ICD can work together to put your Clinical Trial in place: 

Protecting your ideas with a Confidentiality Agreement

Contacting ICD early in the process of planning a research project in collaboration with industry researchers will allow us to make sure that the confidentiality of your ideas and research plans are protected so that open scientific discussion and dialog can occur.

Developing your Clinical Trial Plan

You play a big role in the agreement process by developing what your trial will look like in conjunction with your collaborator. This information will help ICD determine the best way to structure your agreement. Share this with your ICD Professional or simply send to [email protected]. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ICD will negotiate an agreement with the partner

The ICD Professional assigned to your department will review, negotiate and execute the appropriate clinical trial agreement with the sponsor on your behalf, and will also ensure all potential compliance and conflict of interest issues are resolved. They will keep you updated and informed until the agreement is fully executed.